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The evolution of e-cigarette culture in Lausanne: trends and perspectives

As in other large cities on the continent, electronic cigarette users in Lausanne also have access to products that are both recent and top quality. The latest e-cig trends are available from specialized stores in the capital of the canton of Vaud. Are you a new or experienced vaper and would like to know the trends and perspectives regarding your favorite product? Discover the latest e-cigarette news in Switzerland, particularly in Lausanne.

E-cigarettes: quality products available for Lausanne residents

Many solutions are available for vapers wishing to indulge in their favorite activity in the canton of Vaud, particularly in Lausanne. Several brands specializing in the distribution of electronic cigarettes have opened their doors for many years in the French-speaking city. Vapers can obtain the best references for e-cigarettes and accessories from their usual distributors in the city or nearby region. The most recent trends in e-cigarettes in Lausanne are accessible both in the distributors' physical stores and from their online platform.

E-cigarette in Lausanne: what are the most trendy brands?

The landscape of electronic cigarette manufacturers is constantly evolving. The biggest brands have references that are still popular with vapers, even if younger manufacturers sometimes emerge thanks to products that appeal to them. Five of the best-known manufacturers offer their e-cigarettes, their accessories as well as various consumables to vapers residing in Lausanne:

1. Aspire is one of the benchmarks in the design of electronic cigarettes, tanks and accessories. The manufacturer is recognized for its regular innovations in the design of equipment like tanks and coils. The design of its products is remarkable and the brand is also admired for its efficient, elegant and easy-to-use electronic cigarettes. Among its flagship products available in Lausanne, discover the PockeX kits and the Oby Pod Kits;

2. Joyetech brand products are also among the most trendy among vapers in Switzerland and Lausanne. This manufacturer is one of the most renowned in the world. He brilliantly creates a variety of devices suitable for vapers of different experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, access Joyetech resistors, one of the sure values ‚Äč‚Äčon the market;

3. Eleaf is another manufacturer active in the production of e-cigarettes and their accessories. Its fame comes from one of its products: the iStick model, a box that is both compact and powerful. Eleaf is also a manufacturer appreciated for the many qualities of its e-cigarettes and its equipment. Whether you choose one of Eleaf's electronic cigarettes or one of its accessories, you are guaranteed to find a trendy, simple, practical and often affordable product;

4. Innokin is also one of the electronic cigarette manufacturers with a significant market share globally. The brand offers a wide range of products to suit all needs and budgets. You can certainly find an Innokin electronic cigarette in Lausanne that will meet your expectations, whatever your level of experience. The manufacturer's products are easy to use and maintain. They are perfect for beginners who want to discover the intricacies of electronic cigarettes;

5. GeekVape is an electronic cigarette brand that offers products that are both innovative and efficient. Their elegant design and the recent technology that accompanies them generate permanent enthusiasm among vapers for the brand's products. Whether you are a neo-vaper or an experienced vaper, you will surely find a reference that suits you among the manufacturer's large catalog of products. Among its most trendy references, you can for example fall under the spell of the Aegis Solo box, a device that is both durable and resistant delivering a power of up to 100 watts. If you are looking for an e-cigarette combining performance and convenience, discover the Aegis Mini kit from GeekVape, a vaping device that is both robust and easy to use.

What news should you know about e-cigarettes in Lausanne and Switzerland?

The Swiss love vaping

Many Swiss people appreciate electronic cigarettes. Among the most recent studies, that carried out by the Federal Office of Public Health among the population notes a significant use of this product by the Swiss. 3% of residents are vapers, consuming at least one e-cig once a month. Among the youngest, that is, among people aged 18 to 24, this rate rises to 5.5%. This survey also specifies that an average of 14% of the population indicates having already tried an e-cig during the year preceding the study.

Regulatory changes in perspective

As in all countries authorizing the consumption of e-cigarettes, Switzerland also has appropriate regulations. Even though electronic cigarettes have been relatively liberalized since their appearance, taxation and regulations continue to evolve over the years. In recent years, Parliament has adopted a motion asking the Federal Council to present a legal basis for the taxation of electronic cigarettes, taking into account their lower potential for harm. A revision of the law on tobacco taxation, which provides for taxation of liquids consumed in electronic cigarettes, is thus applied. The amount of tax depends on the quantity of nicotine present in the e-liquid or vape. A change in legislation is also planned regarding e-cigarettes. From 2024, electronic cigarettes will now be legally considered as tobacco products and no longer as everyday objects. E-cigs are therefore subject to the same restrictions as traditional cigarettes. From then on, a ban on sales to minors, advertising, sponsorship and sales promotion will be applied to the products. It is likely that taxation and regulations on electronic cigarettes in Lausanne and Switzerland will continue to evolve in the future.

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